Panama Janson Gesha Pack - 2 x 150g Tins

Panama Janson Gesha Pack - 2 x 150g Tins

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Panama Janson Gesha Pack:

1 x 150g Washed Gesha Lot 317

1 x 150g Anaerobic Natural Gesha Lot 247

These two coffees are both from the world famous Janson family farm in Panama.

The first is a traditional washed Gesha that is one of the smoothest and cleanest coffees we have ever tasted, with notes of papaya, sugar cane and red apple coupled with an incredible floral fragrance.

The second is a unique anaerobic natural process. This processing method has transformed the Gesha varietal into flavours of pear and vanilla with a ripe fruit sweetness.

Both coffees are roasted to a filter profile to highlight the delicate nuances of these two wonderful coffees.

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 These two coffees are only available for a limited time so be quick!