Tokio Siphon Coffee Brewer

Tokio Siphon Coffee Brewer

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If you have not tasted coffee from a siphon brewer before, you are in for a real treat! The siphon brewer creates an exceptionally clean and dynamic cup, and you will feel like a mad coffee scientist as you concoct your precious brew.

*Grind your coffee a bit finer than drip.
*Add near boiling water to the bulb on your coffee siphon.
*Raise the flame on the burner until the water is boiling.
*Add fresh ground coffee to upper chamber.
*Vapor pressure will force the water into the upper chamber.
* Lower the flame, and give a quick stir to saturate your coffee grounds.
*Allow coffee to brew 35 to 60 seconds -- time will vary with coffee and your taste.
*Extinguish the flame and watch your precious brew flow to the bulb on the bottom.
*Remove the top chamber from your siphon brewer and rest it inside the lid.
*Now enjoy your coffee!

Your Tokio Siphon Coffee Brewer includes

* 1 3 cup Tokio Siphon Coffee Brewer
* 1 alcohol burner
* 1 measuring scoop and stir stick
* manual