Yemen - Qima Auction Winner - Natural - 150g

Yemen - Qima Auction Winner - Natural - 150g

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Farmer: Abdulsalam Al-Lahaba, Sana'a region

Yemen holds a very unique and prestigious place in the history of coffee. It was the first place that coffee was grown commercially and the varietals here have direct lineage to the wild coffee trees of Ethiopia. 

After hundreds of years this unique Udaini varietal has adapted perfectly to the Yemeni climate. This is the oldest and highest grown coffee region in the world.

This year, Qima coffee hunted down the best 24 lots they could find and put them to auction. With the country being gripped by civil war and the farmers and communities being left without food, water and facing imminent collapse, we decided it was right to completely support the Qima auction and do our small part in helping the dedicated Yemeni specialty coffee farmers.

We were lucky enough to secure this exclusive and incredible 40kg lot from Abdulsalam Al-Lahaba.

If you haven't been lucky enough to try Yemeni coffee before, then you've been missing out! It's full of ripe tropical fruit, red berries and a delicious, lingering sweet spice aftertaste.

This complex, clean and multi-layered coffee is completely one of a kind. It's no surprise that Barista and Brewing competitors all around the world and flocking to this unique country to try and find coffees exactly like this.

We are honoured to have it as part of our current collection.


Tastes like: Peach, Honey, Coconut and ripe Banana. Clean, refined and well structured